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(Tom) #1

A central place for all things gaming and the appreciation of them. I myself have a passion for gaming (even though I don’t get nearly enough time to play them leading to a large backlog) but also love discussing them and reading about them daily.

Let me know your thoughts! :smiley:

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(Shreyas Zanpure) #2

I am mostly into RPG’s. First person shooter is not my thing. I do like Action shooters with RPG elements in it though (Like Mass Effect). I do not get much time to play these days due to family commitments. The last one I played on my PC was Witcher 3. I look forward to the next CD Projekt Red’s CyberPunk 2077.


(Lancelot Payne) #3

Been playing games most of my life and I’m lucky enough to work in gaming on and off but just don’t have near than enough time to sit down and play all the games I want to but when I do it’s usually single players, multiplayers here and then really enjoy tell tale style games as well always good fun ^__^.


(Tom) #4

I’ve got The Witcher 3 in my backlog, only heard good things about it tbh. and yeah Cyperpunk 2077 looks unreal, most people speculate it’ll be next-gen which I’m kind of ok with as I figure the longer they work on it, the better it’ll be. As long as they can keep the interest hype up is all :slight_smile:


(Tom) #5

That’s amazing. Mind if I ask what you do out of curiosity?

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(Tom) #6

I’m currently clearing up in Red Dead Redemption 2, have spent quite a lot of hours on it now. Will go back to finish The Evil Within then move onto last year’s critically acclaimed God of War.

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(Lancelot Payne) #7

Thanks buddy and that’s fine I work around exhibitions for PlayStation/Nintendo trialing out the new games and doing competitions I’m also a Brand Ambassador/Tester ^_^.


(Lancelot Payne) #8

Enjoy God of War when you do it’s so beautiful and the story is amazing I put a lot of time and effort into that game and would do it again ^__^.

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(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #9

I wish I could spend more time gaming :video_game: but other things have to take priority, sleep especially :sweat_smile: It’s fun gaming until 3am until you wake up at 7am :joy:

Anybody else played Apex Legends yet? :sunglasses: Had a dozen rounds last night, it’s a really well-done Battle Royale! :smiley:

Typically into racers & FPS (Battlefield :boom:) but PUBG and now Apex Legends are right up there in terms of awesomeness :grin:

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(Tom) #10

This discussion has been opened recently if anyone wants to get in on that :slight_smile:


(Tom) #11

Hell of a week for gaming. Some big titles too!

Metro: Exodus
Far Cry: New Dawn
Crackdown 3

Nintendo Direct last night announcing a multitude of upcoming releases.

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(Tom) #12

Anyone actually stoked for Anthem? I reckon it’s going to flop, although it looks good I don’t think they can hide the fact that really, it’s just Destiny 2.5 which makes me lose interest instantly. Any other thoughts?


(Lancelot Payne) #13

Same boat wasn’t interested at the start and I’m not interested now it will be quite short lived I reckon only so much you can do with those style of games.


(Splodf) #14

It looked great, it’s not getting favourable reviews though



Guys, is it possible to block ads on phone (apps)?


(Tom) #17

Dead or Alive 6 flopped, The Division 2 doesn’t interest me much but some are saying it’s minor improvements on the first but more importantly, there a rumour that The Last of Us Part II will be released in October! :scream:

How’s everyone doing gaming-wise?

Currently just finished The Evil Within now onto DLC.

Up Next: South Park The Fractured But Whole (lol) or God of War


(oliver) #18

Of course, it’s possible. Try Adlock, this ad blocker is a great solution. It not only blocks all type of ads but also protects your device. Shortly speaking, it has plenty of advantages, check it out