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I’ve been trying again to get my virtual legs (like sea legs but VR???) and have found a few games that don’t make me want to run to the nearest bin and remove the contents of my stomach.

At the moment I’m loving:

Astrobot (think VR Super Mario - It’s a console seller)
Bravo Team
Everything on PSVR World’s especially The Heist
Statik - One of the most innovative games I’ve played

I’m not enjoying:

Gran Turismo, it makes me instantly want to vomit.

Anyone have any other recommendations to try and ease myself back into VR? I’m very sensitive it would appear!


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(Tom) #2

@Codf Hey there, definitely give Farpoint a go if you get the chance (you’ll need the aim controller which I assume you have if you’ve been playing Bravo Team). I would like to try Astrobot & Moss in the near future as all I keep hearing is good things!

I think some people have more of a natural resistance with the VR Legs as I’ve never really felt anything before however, there are some that completely mess you up like a friend of mine said that the alien robot demo mission on VR Worlds threw him out and made him feel disorientated for a couple of days! Haha

Also, give Beat Saber a go, it’s a rhythm based game that makes you feel like a jedi dance ninja :smiley:

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(Richard) #3


One of the only reasons I want a PS4.

I tried a VR thing yesterday in Manchester called ImmotionVR. There was a racing game and I got very motion sick. I don’t get motion sickness but I also imagine heavy drinking on the Saturday night didn’t help!



I would recommend Ace Combat 7 because the VR in that is fantastic. But if Gran Turismo is making you want to vomit then AC7 will just straight up murder you.



Also stay clear of Spider-Man especially if you don’t like heights it is the only game on VR so far that actually made be think I was at a height :joy:

Love Astro Bot, the wife loves resident evil


(Splodf) #6

Yeah… I’m not trying a flying game!!

I get seasick when the camera pans forward on Astrobot.

Beat Saber one I’ve heard great things about. I’ve got Farpoint (2 copies actually!), so will give it a whirl.

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(Splodf) #7

I tried Spiderman.

I completely see what you mean, when you’re up the crane! Oh dear!


(Tom) #8

For all the Beat Saber fans on here, the first DLC Pack drops on 14th March! Can’t wait! :grin: