Announcing the new Tech & Gaming category 🤳🕹

We’ve noticed that a lot of the conversation in General Chat is specifically do with tech and gaming. To make it easier to find all these threads in the same place, we’ve created a new Tech & Gaming subcategory under General Chat. Happy posting! :grinning:


Right in time for Red Dead Redemption 2. Good work Monzo!


Any chance of splitting them? I love tech but am absolutely bored silly by gaming, so would ideally mute a gaming category.


For a moment I thought this was a new spending category, but no :laughing:


Me too :joy:

Another vote for split… I’ve no interest in gaming but tech is part of life everyday.

I have great respect for my gamer friends, but I’m just not into it…
Tech is my life.

@DaveTMG @SC95 @icedcoffee

We’re going to see how this new category pans out, and then we’ll consider whether splitting them off again would make sense!

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If everyone who’d like the tech split from gaming likes my post above, we can gauge the popularity of the idea.