PayPal recognises Monzo Card as a Credit card

PayPal has started treating my Monzo Card as a credit card, and as such wants to charge me when I use it to send money to friends and family.

The card was recognised correctly by PayPal last month when I used it. So this I don’t know what’s changed.

PayPal’s support were awful at helping me out: saying that they had sorted the issue but nothing has changed. Has anybody else had this issue and managed to sort it out?

I had this issue but contacted PayPal and they just corrected it and refunded any charges

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My debit card also seems to be recognised as a credit card. You will not get a reason from the website, the payments won’t show on the Monzo app (the payment is never initiated). Contacted Paypal support to get the charges refunded and paid with a different card.

Just wanted to add, anyone who uses PayPal credit and tries paying it off with their Monzo card - it will decline the transaction, so be sure to use a different card.

I almost got stung on this one, here is PayPals response to me:

When you make a payment to PayPal Credit using a MasterCard, our system will recognise it as a credit card. As it isn’t possible to pay PayPal Credit with a credit card, our system will immediately reject it.

We are currently working on a fix for this issue, to ensure it appears as a debit card when we get the information from the card issuer. In the mean time, you can make payments from your PayPal balance, bank account or VISA debit card.

Just FYI in case anyone else has the issue.