Adding bank account to PayPal (Monzo)

Hi All,

Has anyone had any experience of adding your Monzo bank account to PayPal. The debit card can be added to PayPal as a source but the bank account fails every time.

I rang PayPal customer services and it appears to fail because paypal’s verification / security procedures don’t recognise Monzo. The customer service lady didn’t even know Monzo existed.

Surprised at this, I’ve had a few moments since opening my account where certain companies don’t recognise the sort code etc.

Anyone been able to add it their account to paypal.



I had this problem the other day

The way I got it to work was I added Monzo when I was withdrawing money rather than through the wallet or the big blue button

But the Monzo sort code was recognised through the wallet so I don’t know why it wouldn’t add that way

I know what you mean I’ve tried both ways and it fails every time.

I have Monzo set up as a direct debit - all seems to work well.

Can’t remember the sign up flow but no problems in doing so

Add some money and then try and withdraw by bank transfer? If I remember correctly the withdraw is on the left side

I have both my Monzo account and Monzo card linked to PayPal with no problems?

Are we talking the app or through the web?

I’m trying to withdraw using the withdraw button in the app it then asks me to add a new bank using sort code and ACC number then it fails.

I’m jealous. It’s good to see it can actually work then.

Web, didn’t try the app

If it helps I did it over the website, not the app.
My mobile browser worked fine :+1:

Gave it a go over the mobile browser. No luck.

So weird

Definitely weird. Is it a new PayPal? Perhaps they have a time limit before you can add an account?

Very, I’ll have to keep trying and maybe it will just work!

Just checked, you can’t add a bank account if:

  • The bank account is already linked to another PayPal account.
  • Your PayPal account is limited.
  • The name on your bank account needs to match the name on your PayPal account.

No I’ve had my PayPal account for a long time. Just remembered to swap my details over due to setting up Monzo recently.

Interesting I’ll check this.

This may help too, if it’s limited.

No luck unfortunately.

Also have my account linked fine here, have done for a long time.

I do however only use the card now. With my old bank, bank was my primary method, but now that I get instant notifications with Monzo, waiting for PayPal to charge my bank seems to take forever! So I always choose card for instant feedback.