Add bank account to PayPal

I use Account Number and Sort Code provided in Top up instruction to link bank to my PayPal account - Barclays is recognized, but end up with error message “We’re sorry, that bank is already linked to the maximum number of PayPal accounts”

Is it possible at all?

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If this is not your first PayPal UK account it could be possible that you have registered this UK bank account on a PayPal UK account in the past but this is also something that PayPal UK customer service can look into for you.

Even if an old PayPal UK account was closed if you did not remove the link to your UK bank accounts first before closing the PayPal UK account it can throw up this error. I suggest you contact PayPal UK customer service.

This is my first UK PayPal account I just registered and verified it. The only problem is this message.
Maybe this is because that Monzo is not a bank yet?

OK. I misunderstood you, I thought while it recognised Barclays code it would not add it as they had already reached some threshold for that bank’s customers (though why they have a limit of X number of PayPal customers per bank I can not summize) but you were talking about Monzo. Maybe if they do have thresholds per financial institution maybe card companies like Wirecard have a lower limit than banks. If that is the case when debit cards are issued by Monzo as a bank, those new cards would be accepted. Maybe PayPal can explain what is going on?

Yeah I use Monzo Account Number and Sort Code, when it is entered Barclays is recognized

Monzo have not launched current accounts yet so if you are using the sort code and account number used for topping up by bank transfer that is a common account in Monzo’s name not your’s and can not be used to link PayPal. Once Monzo launch current accounts and you have your own unique individual account number then you should be able to link that to your PayPal account.