PayPal UK does not recognise my bank account

(Matthew Milne) #1

Hi Team,

I’ve scanned through the search feature and found people using their new current account with paypal no problem but I cannot add mine. Even after an hour long call with customer services.

Is this something Monzo themselves can speak with paypal with? They don’t seem to believe its a valid bank account yet my card is linked fine and everywhere else direct debits/ standing orders have all been fine.

I’ve got no way of getting money out at the moment :frowning:


You can definitely do it as here is my PayPal accounts screen.

After I took the above screenshot, I removed my Monzo account and re-added it perfectly. I now need to re-confirm the account, as shown in yellow, but that shouldn’t be a hassle.

Are you sure your PayPal account a UK PayPal account?

I cannot add a bank account of mine based in the Irish Republic to PayPal UK.

(Matthew Milne) #4

I’ve had my paypal account for 15+ years… when you mentioned it could be a US account definitely a possibility even tho its in GBP and everything says uk.

For a test i’ve created a new one from the homepage and been able to add bank and card no problem. Will use the new account going forward. Thanks for help.

(Damon Meadowcroft ) #5

I have also had issues with Paypal. I have successfully linked my Monzo card to Paypal and It works fine. However, I have a Paypal Credit Account and I tried to pay Paypal my monthly payment from Monzo and it wouldn’t work. When I spoke to Paypal, they confirmed there was an issue with Monzo. The Paypal system sees the Monzo card as a credit card and not a debit card, so will not except payments from it.


I’ve got my Monzo Account linked to my account No Problems encountered


That’s odd. Credit/Debit shouldn’t make any difference. I’ve had Credit cards in my paypal account for years…

(Andy Mason) #8

I’ve got a slightly different problem. On attempting to link my Monzo account to PayPal I got the following error:
“We’re sorry, that bank is already linked to the maximum number of PayPal accounts.”

It had recognised Monzo when I entered my sort code.

I’m hoping this is something we can fix or otherwise being a guinea pig for CASS and closing my HSBC account looks a lot less smart!

(#savetheseabass) #9

Had a quick google

Have you ever linked a monzo account previously?

Is it linked to any other PayPal accounts?


(Andy Mason) #10

Fair question @Rat_au_van … My monzo account has never been linked to a PayPal account.

I used to have my HSBC account linked to that PayPal account though. I wonder if CASS has caused an issue with the switch.

My PayPal account is no longer linked to my HSBC account which makes sense.

(#savetheseabass) #11

i think this is one for PayPal support, could be CASS but I’d imagine that would be common enough not to be a problem.

Let us know what they say because if it is because of a switch it’ll come up again :grin: