Can't link my bank account with Paypal

I have recently opened my current account with monzo and activated my debit card. I intend to withdraw funds from my Paypal to monzo account but despite of numerous attempts Paypal is not allowing me to link may monzo account with Paypal.

I am using PayPal UK, linking debit card works perfectly while bank account return error. Can somebody confirm how I can linkil monzo account with Paypal and withdraw money to monzo account?

Further more I can’t see chat link to send all this conversation within app.

I’ve never been able to link my Monzo account to PayPal (to setup a Direct Debit). It’s PayPal that is the problem. They said I had to phone them but I have better things to be doing with my time

I have a direct debit with PayPal to Monzo, went through fine with no errors at all, maybe raise an issue with PayPal to get them to look into it

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OP are you trying to setup a direct debit or just add / confirm your bank account? I.e. what do you mean when you say ‘link’?

Reason being you don’t need a direct debit setup to withdraw funds from PayPal… you just need to confirm your account which should be simple

I’ve linked to my card, account and a direct debit :man_shrugging:

This is a weird problem on PayPal’s end, and it has been for years - you can Google it to see. The two options to resolve it are to try different devices, web and apps or to simply contact PayPal customer services who magically seem to be able to fix it.

On a different note I’ve been trying to remove an old account that I no longer have off my PayPal, it always says it can’t as there’s a payment coming through that account which needs to clear 1st.

That account closed 5 years ago :rofl: even customer service give me the run around with the same spell about it, just learned to ignore that account offering

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Yeah PayPal has quite a few enduring weird things like this. I imagine it’s because it’s a service that has had so much bolted onto it for so long.

I have exactly the same issue, it’s so irritating

I had this too… but I called customer service and they did manage to remove it for me :+1:

@mholland that is really sad, monzo should have taken up this with the Paypal. how come the current accounts from the same bank random get linked while other receive error and strange thing is all are getting the same error.

It’s PayPal who need to sort out their systems at the end of the day

@Paul8 I need both i.e. confirmation of bank account to remove limits and withdraw funds from Paypal to bank account. neither add bank under link withdraw funds works nor remove limits button.

hello all, good news is that I found solution to my problem and hopefully it would help others as well. actual problem is at PP end just follow the link below and complete setting up your bank as Direct Debit, by setting up your bank account as DD you can also verify your account and remove limits.