Adding funds to monzo from paypal?

I can use paypal as a funding source to add money onto my Monzo card, rather than using a debit card or bank account ?


Why not? Apply for a Paypal access card and use it to top up your Monzo card :grin::grin:

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If you have funds in your PayPal, add your Monzo account to PayPal and withdraw funds. It comes through as a Faster Payments transfer.



My monzo card is registered on my paypal account, but you cannot withdraw funds to cards on paypal, you can only withdraw to a bank account ?

It’s a debit card linked to a normal bank account so you can link it as you would any other account


You can withdraw to your monzo sort code and account number ?


I just received my monzo card through and haven’t put any money on it yet. I don’t see a sortcode or account number on the card, just the long 16 digit code which I have entered into the cards section on my paypal account ?

The sort code and account number are in the app. If you go to the account tab they are at the top


great thanks, I found the details I required to add the monzo account to my paypal.


Hi All,

Went through steps suggested and had a search but still seem unable to do this on my PayPal account? I got a refund for a purchase through to my paypal, and am trying to withdraw it into my Monzo account. When I click ‘withdraw’ and enter my monzo details it says it doesnt support instant withdrawals. I’ve added my account and my card so no problems there I just can’t withdraw into it. Any suggestions?


Hi sir can you help me please i added my monzo card to my PayPal using (add a Mastercard option) and it’s linked with my paypall now but I can’t transfer money either way, and when I click on add a bank account I type my sort code and account number it won’t work on top it says (We’re sorry, we’re not able to process your request right now. Please try again later) and above sort code says (monzo card limited) can you help me please?

It’s in your profile tap your profile and scroll down you should be able to see it

I currently have the same issue did you figure it out?

I did… not sure now how (can’t remember), but I definitely have a transaction from Paypal into my account from last December. Sorry I know that’s not a good answer but it was definitely possible in the end.

Looking at my Paypal account now I have my Monzo account added in there, I think maybe I went through an alternative way of adding my account? Sorry I know this is a bit rubbish!