Add Payees Easily

(Jami Welch) #81

We’re working on a fix for this in our backend services now!

(MikeF) #82

Good news. I’ll hang on.

I have some original family contacts with the format ‘Name’ and others with a ‘Name (Bank)’ format that I hope to remove and add into the ‘Name’ records without having to recreate the lot.

(Nathan) #83

Also have this error

(Frank) #84

Do you have to also send a nominal amount to save the details?


If I delete a payee to whom I pay a standing order so that I can merge, will that also delete the SO?

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #87

You can delete a payee safely :slight_smile: It will not delete any SO’s associated :smiley:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #88

I already had the account details saved for the multiple accounts :smiley:

So I just deleted all but one of the entries for a given person & added several accounts under their single payee entry :smiley:

(Frank) #89

But when adding them did you have to send a payment to store them? Or am I just not getting it?

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #90

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #91

Originally yes :slight_smile: For them to have ended up in the Payee section of Monzo I had sent them some money :smiley:


If you are adding accounts to an existing payee, no :boom:

I too was confused about this but I’ve gone through and sorted through a few.

(Frank) #93

Cheers. I just deleted 5 accounts then added them under my name :joy:


Just done the same, cause why not. I now want to drag and drop them alphabetically though :joy: and need the missing logos.


Annoying that the one linked with your Monzo account doesn’t include your Monzo pic :expressionless: I’m sure in time there will be a better way to link accounts to your Monzo though…

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #96

Would be good to make sure logos point to the bank, not the parent group (First Direct not displaying HSBC, Halifax not displaying Lloyds etc.)

If the point of the logos is to subliminally alert to a possible mistake, having expectedly misleading logos might be an issue.

(Chris Rimell) #97

I added my Monzo account as a new payee so I could merge some of my accounts under me as a contact.

Apparently when I put my name in as Chris, it automatically updated this to Christopher (even though I’ve got a known as name already).

Also, I was going to delete and readd my SOs but decided against that because they all show up with my name. It would be useful if they show up with both the payee name and the account name (or this could be added to the notes like happens with pots etc) so that it’s easily distinguishable as to what a payment is about.

Looking good though. Can’t wait for th next installment (including contact photos :wink: )

(Tony) #98

Not sure if it’s a bug or not, but there is no logo showing for my N26 account (s/c: 04-00-26), nor my Marcus (s/c: 40-64-37).


Can confirm this.


How do you add them under your own name? Do you have to create yourself as a contact in the phone?

(Frank) #101

I had already paid my old bank. So used that and added to it.