Add Payees Easily

(Rob) #102

This is a great feature! :grin::+1:t2: Really looking forward to what is ahead. Keep up the good work Monzo!

(Chris Rimell) #103

NS&I also not showing a logo - 08-31-15

Also, @Jami an actual bug. I’ve got 10 accounts on a contact now, and I can’t scroll down far enough to get the add account button anymore. It’s there, I can see the very top of it, but the screen won’t scroll beyond the last account. I can still get to the add account screen though because enough of it is available to tap on


Ah. I’ve always named those after the bank rather than myself, and it doesnt look like you can rename. I’ll wait til you can merge!

(👨‍💻) #105

I tried to add all my linked banks to my name. When adding the first one, all I got was a red screen telling me there is an error.

I gave up. Not overly impressed by it TBH.

(Chris Rimell) #106

If you’ve already got that account added, at the moment you can’t add the account again (it will error). It’s explained above and is being worked on.

You can delete and readd which works

(👨‍💻) #107

Got you. So basically delete all accounts, then try again

(Jai Sullivan) #108

We’re definitely moving in the right direction with this, great to see better payee management — a few points:

• When you’ve created a new linked account, you can’t then go back into it to re-edit or change the name etc. You have to delete it and start again which isn’t very intuitive. (Edit: apologies, only just read above!)

• Unable to copy account number and other data into fields when setting up new linked account.

• Logo missing for Marcus.

(Chris Rimell) #109

Yeah. Should work. And also I noticed that if you’ve used a specific reference (like a credit card number) this is still available even after deleting and readding :+1:

(Jolin) #110

Have you and @HoddzDJ added your personal Monzo account to the payees list in your personal account? If so, what is the purpose (curious if I’m missing something)? If not, how did you get 3 Monzo accounts?!

(Sean) #111

Great start!

Just noticed the top right delete doesn’t work once you’ve opened the payee. :bug:?

Android: 8.1
App version: 2.28.1


Just tested this feature out, however, it’s not really going to help me as the feed now just shows my name instead of the bank account it has gone to. So, with several accounts for differing reasons, it is not clear what the money transferred was actually for, e.g. fund a Regular Saver, without adding additional text on each occasion.

Not sure it is something I will use. I didn’t really when Starling introduced it either, due to same reasons.

(Sacha) #113

Anyone else having an issue with alignment after adding/deleting various payees?

Using the latest Android release

(Paul) #114

A good start :+1:t3: I just tested it out with existing Monzo contact and added second non-Monzo account and the big Send Money button doesn’t work

iOS 12.1.1
App 2.27

(Chris Rimell) #115

What happens when you try? It will only send money to the monzo account, not the non-monzo account.

It’s a little confusing (although it does say above it :wink: that it’s for Monzo)

Seems fine on mine

(Paul) #116

Nothing happens. Button just flashes as though pressed but goes nowhere. I guess it’s not sure whether to pay from Monzo or new linked account :man_shrugging:t2:

(Chris Rimell) #117

Working ok for me :man_shrugging:t2:

Seems like there are a couple of bugs around

(Paul) #118

Do you have another linked account for that Monzo payee? I have another Monzo payee in the recent list without a linked account and that big button works fine.

(Chris Rimell) #119

Yep, I’ve linked a barclays account to a monzo contact and works fine on that one. I haven’t got another contact to try it with

(Paul) #120

Definitely a :ant: or two. I’m just happy they’re working on it at last

(Colin Robinson) #121

Logo missing for Atom Bank 60-83-12