Ability to send money directly from Pots

So right now I’m saving money in a pot which I want to send abroad, what I do is move this money into the pot when I get my salary, then when I want to actually send that money, I’m having to put it back into the main account balance in order to send it abroad.

So what’s happening with this is that on account summary these transactions are appearing duplicated, which means the summary of spending for the whole month is not accurate and there’s no way to know how much exactly I’ve spent.

So would be nice if there’s a way to send money out of Monzo straight from pots rather than having to put them back into main balance then pay them out.

This has been suggested a few times already. Here is the pots feedback topic where you can find all suggestions and discussions around pots :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I will up-vote the post there.

It wasn’t listed when I was typing my post, so I couldn’t have known ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Don’t worry it’s fine :slight_smile: I think that just searches thread titles?

You’d have to use the search function by clicking the magnifying glass to find it :mag: