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Please use this thread to share all your feedback on Pots! :heart:

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compare them with Starling Goals.

With Starling they calculate overdraft interest on the total funds with them including the balance in any Goals.

I understand Monzo calculate overdraft fees only on the main account and fail to take into account any funds held in Pots.

That is the only real negative.


In general… I like Pots, would like a feature or two added to make them really useful.

  • A goal option might be useful - RBS/Starling and I’m sure various others do it, can help motivate people
  • I’d like to see an option for a pot to essentially be a “change jar”. When making a transaction, say for example £2.90, it would automatically place 10p into a pot/jar. Good way to save without really thinking about it :grinning:

Would really love to assign DDs and recurring card purchases to a Pot so that I can move all my bills to one place and assign funds to them. Leaving my ‘main’ balance as safe to spend.


Schedule movement of money from Main to a pot. I have this on Starling and it works great, day after payday its split into the 12 or so “Goals” that I have. Increase the number of pots from 10.

Also agree with the DD etc… straight from a pot.


We have had plenty of feedback for pots already. It’s got to be time for delivering on some of those items before asking for even more feedback or duplicates of what has already been mentioned


We hear you! And we haven’t forgotten those threads.

I’m just starting to build up posts in the Feedback board (which will become fuller as we launch new features).

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I would prefer a compact view at the account screen (no image, plus/minus buttons without text)

I could probably easily go over 10 pots when rules come in (unless pots could have multiple saving goals)


I love pots, my top 3 things for pots would be:

  1. Rules!
  2. Allow a custom image for the pot
  3. To be able to sort / re-arrange pots



Assign a savings goal to a pot, able to sewt up auto transfers to various pots, e.g. on payday, money get split around to the various pots for long term goal and bills etc. Then on last day of the month before next payday, everything left over in main account goes over to another pot. Also the ability to upload custom pictures as the pots icon. Change the accounts page UI, make each pot appear as a smaller icon just displaying its current balance you then click through that to get to the add/withdraw buttons.

  1. Change round up rule
  2. More compact view
  3. More or custom pics
  4. Interest
  5. Option to lock a target date so I can’t withdraw from that pot until the date is reached.
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This seems very legacy bank like. Why would I bother having money in pots that don’t earn interest or prevent interest from being charged. I would be as well having extra cash in savings accounts elsewhere.

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Interest on pots would be enough to scribble of “no interest” as one of the main things stopping me from switching. It’d be better than nothing and still all within in the same account/app.


Many Monzo customers wish to use pots just like this not as savings (as they can get interest elsewhere) but to ring fence funds they know they are going to spend for certain expenditure such as a big direct debit in order to prevent it being spent


Being able to auto add money to pots every month would be awesome.

Also the screen with the pots listing needs to be reworked. When you have.more than a couple.of pots you end up scrolling down a lot to see all the pots. It makes it difficult to see how much money is in each pot and over all.


In the absence of joint accounts the ability to share a pot is essential if I am to fully commit to Monzo. Apologies if this is already planned but I am surprised it isn’t already implemented.


Is it just me or does the ‘create pot’ button on the target page seem random? Congrats, you were on target with your spending…create a pot? :thinking:



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Still be nice to get interest