Pay into pots (including hidden pots) from main balance

I love Monzo but a couple of things I’d really like to see are:

  1. a way to send money from the main balance into any pot I choose rather than having to go to the pot and request it. Moving around different pots adding money seems unnecessarily cumbersome when I should be able to just distribute from the main balance.
  2. The above should also include sending to hidden pots without having to unhide them. This seems fundamental to me since a hidden pot is hidden for a reason. The more you can add to it without having to see it, the better surely?

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You could add your feedback into this. It didn’t come up via search for some reason, but I think it would be a good place for this feedback to sit


I can move from pot to pot including to hidden pot !


I was about to say same thing.

I can move personal to any pot, including hidden ones, and same for pot to pot :man_shrugging:

New version of app (Monzo labs)


This is why I linked the post. Not everyone can currently do this, the rollout has hit a challenge, so the post might explain the OP’s challenge.

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Thanks everyone. I can move from pot to pot including hidden ones but not from my main balance but it seems you can, PaulUK? What am I missing?


Did you look at the thread linked above?

Tap on a pot, add money, then select the source you want to use.

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Thanks Revels, Yes I’ve read the thread and I have that capability. I haven’t used it yet but I can see the hidden pots are there too which is great (although the process still looks like a ball ache going by your post with all the screen shots!)
What I don’t have is this option from my Current Account. All I have there is Card Details, Freeze and Add Money (from an external source) What I’m looking for is Withdraw or Send i.e. to a pot :woman_shrugging:

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Just go to the pot you want to ‘add’ money to and you can select from your current account.

This is a good idea, one for the app evolution than or the post above.

In the new app design maybe an add to pot option could exist, I don’t believe it does currently. The workaround suggested by others is simple for the time being.

All I do, Sophie, is tap on the first pot on my overview screen (new app), tap Add Money, and it defaults to Personal to that pot. Tap the pot and select from your list, including hidden pots.

Thanks to all of you and your recommendations. I’ve been experimenting and I’ve discovered I can go into any pot and select Add and then select From Monzo Personal (current account) To any pot of my choosing (including the hidden ones) not just the one I’m in. I just can’t do it from the current account itself but this will do me fine for now :+1: