Pay directly to pots via Monzo Me / Bank transfers


So I have a few different pots and sometimes I would like incoming funds to go directly to one of these pots. At the moment I need to wait for it to hit my main account then transfer out to the appropriate pot.

At a minimum it would be cool if you guys could support payments straight to log in Monzo Me. For example, could append the pot name to the URL such as ?pot=stag-party

Further to that, if you could have some magic to allow bank transfers to specific pots… could have a base account number then the last 2/3 digits could be the pot identifier, this supporting up to 99/999 pots. I guess this would depend on account numbering architecture.

Alternatively, as per my other thread suggestion, pots could be independent accounts with their own bank account number.

Just some ideas. Thanks guys.

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Found this earlier

Disclaimer: may look at doing, not a guarantee


or to pay in directly by Bank Transfer maybe include “Pot Holiday Fund” or “Pot New Car” as the reference and have Monzo check payment references and any preceeded by the word Pot go straight to that Pot?

Yea that would be another good idea actually and probably the easiest to implement.

Possibly create the pot if it didnt exist and notify user as such.

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