4 years spent waiting for app to load

(Tom Halloran) #1

This comes from a place of love for Monzo - but I’m starting to find the load times for the app increasingly sluggish and its getting a bit frustrating. Here it is on my phone:

That is 11 seconds by my count. That is quite a lot longer than I would expect an app to take to load up, and I think it grates particularly because its your first interaction with the app (also very strongly associated with the logo and brand, which isn’t ideal).

Let’s do some maths:
800k users
15 opens per week (source
11 seconds

In total that’s 132,000,000 seconds, which is 4.2 years. In other words, every week Monzo users spend over 4 years waiting for the app to load! Surely there is room for improvement there

Now those numbers are total BS of course - the app will open a lot quicker if its recently been opened; I also doubt that all 800k users open it 15 times per week. But this should demonstrate at least the scale of impact of that sluggishness across nearly a million users, and scope for improvement

Having looked at the app carefully (size of scroll bar on load) I think this speed issue may be because the app is loading all of my transactions right back to March 2016. Why is it doing that? Just load the past 1-2 months, and then load more if the user scrolls down.

Probably I’m missing something but seems like this could be a very easy opportunity to boost the performance of the Monzo app for everybody, every day without doing all that much work

(Ben Talbot) #2

I joined in March 2018 (as that’s as soon as I could) and it loads super quick for me. I’ve got an X and way less transactions so I’m not too sure what is making your so much slower, you could be right for all I know.

(Chinedu Umeh) #3

Do you force close your apps/clear them from memory?
What iPhone do you use?


Just did a few tests with this,

I’m running iOS 12 on the X. my transactions date back to Dec 2016 (I agree no need for this and perhaps loading them a year at a time might be a good compromise)

So opening normally with FaceID takes 2 seconds on average.
Opening after force closing the app adds about another second on this.

Which iPhone is it you’re using? From the resolution it could be anything from the 6 to 8?
Have you tried reinstalling?

Could this also be down to your connection? Slow load times could be caused by the current internet speed of your mobile network / WiFi?

Actually, doing some more tests, looks like all you’re transactions are stored offline on your phone. So loading them should take more than a couple of seconds, unless we’re talking in the hundreds of thousands of transactions.


Have you ever tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app just to clear caches and settings in case something is amiss? My app takes seconds to load on 7+ however I do notice if I keep my finger on the Touch ID it takes a lot longer to prompt for fingerprint than if my finger is not on the button

(Jonathon) #6

Mine takes about a second to open… not sure but I think this could be your phone.

(Sacha) #7

Mine only takes about 2 seconds to load (on a Galaxy S8+ with 2 years of transaction history). Perhaps an issue on certain phone models?


I think @iansilversides might have mentioned this recently as well?

(Only available in amateur ) #9

Timed it using the highly scientific ‘1 Mississippi’ method. Got to 4 missi.


Didn’t fancy using the timer in the bottom left then? :joy:

(Jack) #11

Maybe deleting some of those emails may help :smile:

My app opens in about 3 seconds

My transaction history only goes back about a year though.

(Caspar) #12

Just tried mine on a 7+ (18 months old) on iOS 12 beta with a LOT of transactions going back to the early beta days, and it opens in about a second. Sometimes if it hasn’t been opened recently it can take a couple of moments longer, but never as long as 11 seconds.


Mine loads instantly (maybe 1 second delay) on my Pixel 2 XL. I do remember it taking a bit of time on my iPhone if it was loading from scratch though…

I do have quite a few transactions, although they only really go back to December.


(Bruce) #14


Shutdown app 3.4 seconds
Background app 1.2 seconds

Member since 2016 - many many pointless transactions

Fun way to waste 4.6 seconds of my day :slight_smile:

(Lancelot Payne) #15

Mine literally takes about 2-3 seconds and I’m using a backup iPhone 6S at the moment on my 7+ it’s practically instant so if you haven’t already try deleting the app, closing other apps you don’t use or hard reset the phone might solve the issue.

(Simon B) #16

2 seconds on my iPhone 6S with two years of transactions
Less than a second on my Pixel 2 XL.


Mine is instant if not fully “killed”. Actually killing it adds no noticeable time.

(Herp Derp) #18

6 Seconds if killed

1 if not

2 years of transactions

(Tom Halloran) #19

Ha interesting, maybe just me then! I have spoken to a couple of friends who’ve found it slow so thought it might be a bigger thing.

This is with the app killed, it is much faster otherwise (2-3 seconds if not killed)

Its an Iphone 6s, IOS 11.4

No maybe should give this a try

Home Wifi with hyperoptic so should be ok!

Feels like a bit of hassle to uninstall but maybe that’s the way, does seem like its particularly bad on my phone.

(Eve) #20

I’m on an iPhone 6s and iOS 11.4 too.
Transactions from 2016, it’s my main spending card.

It takes 3s to load if killed and a second if in the background for me. Was going to suggest it might be because of a password but maybe it might be a memory/ RAM thing? My phone slows down a lot when the storage limit is nearly reached so I do a move of my pictures every now and then.