4 years spent waiting for app to load

This comes from a place of love for Monzo - but I’m starting to find the load times for the app increasingly sluggish and its getting a bit frustrating. Here it is on my phone:


That is 11 seconds by my count. That is quite a lot longer than I would expect an app to take to load up, and I think it grates particularly because its your first interaction with the app (also very strongly associated with the logo and brand, which isn’t ideal).

Let’s do some maths:
800k users
15 opens per week (source
11 seconds

In total that’s 132,000,000 seconds, which is 4.2 years. In other words, every week Monzo users spend over 4 years waiting for the app to load! Surely there is room for improvement there

Now those numbers are total BS of course - the app will open a lot quicker if its recently been opened; I also doubt that all 800k users open it 15 times per week. But this should demonstrate at least the scale of impact of that sluggishness across nearly a million users, and scope for improvement

Having looked at the app carefully (size of scroll bar on load) I think this speed issue may be because the app is loading all of my transactions right back to March 2016. Why is it doing that? Just load the past 1-2 months, and then load more if the user scrolls down.

Probably I’m missing something but seems like this could be a very easy opportunity to boost the performance of the Monzo app for everybody, every day without doing all that much work


I joined in March 2018 (as that’s as soon as I could) and it loads super quick for me. I’ve got an X and way less transactions so I’m not too sure what is making your so much slower, you could be right for all I know.com-video-to-gif

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Do you force close your apps/clear them from memory?
What iPhone do you use?


Just did a few tests with this,

I’m running iOS 12 on the X. my transactions date back to Dec 2016 (I agree no need for this and perhaps loading them a year at a time might be a good compromise)

So opening normally with FaceID takes 2 seconds on average.
Opening after force closing the app adds about another second on this.

Which iPhone is it you’re using? From the resolution it could be anything from the 6 to 8?
Have you tried reinstalling?

Could this also be down to your connection? Slow load times could be caused by the current internet speed of your mobile network / WiFi?

Actually, doing some more tests, looks like all you’re transactions are stored offline on your phone. So loading them should take more than a couple of seconds, unless we’re talking in the hundreds of thousands of transactions.

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Have you ever tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app just to clear caches and settings in case something is amiss? My app takes seconds to load on 7+ however I do notice if I keep my finger on the Touch ID it takes a lot longer to prompt for fingerprint than if my finger is not on the button

Mine takes about a second to open… not sure but I think this could be your phone.

Mine only takes about 2 seconds to load (on a Galaxy S8+ with 2 years of transaction history). Perhaps an issue on certain phone models?

I think @iansilversides might have mentioned this recently as well?

Timed it using the highly scientific ‘1 Mississippi’ method. Got to 4 missi.

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Didn’t fancy using the timer in the bottom left then? :joy:

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Maybe deleting some of those emails may help :smile:

My app opens in about 3 seconds

My transaction history only goes back about a year though.

Just tried mine on a 7+ (18 months old) on iOS 12 beta with a LOT of transactions going back to the early beta days, and it opens in about a second. Sometimes if it hasn’t been opened recently it can take a couple of moments longer, but never as long as 11 seconds.

Mine loads instantly (maybe 1 second delay) on my Pixel 2 XL. I do remember it taking a bit of time on my iPhone if it was loading from scratch though…

I do have quite a few transactions, although they only really go back to December.



Shutdown app 3.4 seconds
Background app 1.2 seconds

Member since 2016 - many many pointless transactions

Fun way to waste 4.6 seconds of my day :slight_smile:

Mine literally takes about 2-3 seconds and I’m using a backup iPhone 6S at the moment on my 7+ it’s practically instant so if you haven’t already try deleting the app, closing other apps you don’t use or hard reset the phone might solve the issue.

2 seconds on my iPhone 6S with two years of transactions
Less than a second on my Pixel 2 XL.

Mine is instant if not fully “killed”. Actually killing it adds no noticeable time.

6 Seconds if killed

1 if not

2 years of transactions

Ha interesting, maybe just me then! I have spoken to a couple of friends who’ve found it slow so thought it might be a bigger thing.

This is with the app killed, it is much faster otherwise (2-3 seconds if not killed)

Its an Iphone 6s, IOS 11.4

No maybe should give this a try

Home Wifi with hyperoptic so should be ok!

Feels like a bit of hassle to uninstall but maybe that’s the way, does seem like its particularly bad on my phone.

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I’m on an iPhone 6s and iOS 11.4 too.
Transactions from 2016, it’s my main spending card.

It takes 3s to load if killed and a second if in the background for me. Was going to suggest it might be because of a password but maybe it might be a memory/ RAM thing? My phone slows down a lot when the storage limit is nearly reached so I do a move of my pictures every now and then.