Slow updating the transaction screen on iPhone 6s

I’ve just gotten off the phone with Monzo customer services who are frankly the most unhelpful people I’ve spoken to at any bank, really annoying having someone tell you they can’t help, there is no technical support, and it’s not certain if anyone will contact me to fix the issue.

The issue is that increasingly finding the app’s transaction screen takes 2+ minutes to load which is a massive issue when doing 3D Secure transactions, it seems to be intermittent so I don’t think it’s a case of just reinstalling the app, it’s more likely Monzo’s API being under load.

The lady on the phone basically said it must be my phone running out of storage or slow wi-fi, both of which were the most antagonistic ways to behave towards a tech-savvy audience, really frustrating that they won’t provide any support, all they’ve said is they’ll pass it on to the support team to look into, but there is no way to speak to them or get help.

They basically just didn’t seem to care that the app wasn’t working properly or offer any help, and I just wonder why they hell I switched to Monzo in the first place when they’re attitude is just as bad as the other banks when you need some help.


In app support is of variable quality, in my experience.

If I felt as badly about it as you seem to, I’d be looking for a different bank.

Personally I can’t imagine it’s their backend/API under heavy load. Their response time target is somewhere around the 300ms-350ms range and no other user is reporting 2 minutes+ loading times. I’m certainly not having any issues loading my feed so I suspect it’s a local issue. Plus, if it was higher than 1s I’m sure they’d have their on call team investigating a partial outage/degraded service.

I’m sure you will have already - as you’re tech savvy, but if you haven’t; I’d delete and reinstall the app.

Are you storing many receipts with your transactions by any chance?

It might also be worth logging into someone else’s phone and seeing if it takes a while there, or it’s specifically your phone.

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I’ve never used that feature.

What phone, what software and what app software?

It won’t be an API issue. Monzo probably runs one of the most advanced backends of any bank. If anything is under load they have the ability to scale massively.

Chances are it’s localised to your device or internet connection. Did you actually try any of the steps the person on the phone provided?

@Cerberus iPhone 6s, iOS 12.3.1, Monzo 2.54.1 #539

@JohnE I have and I’ve just done it again on the phone with them so obviously right now I am not going to have a load of transactions to load up but even just logging in to the app took forages >45 seconds.

Wi-fi wise:

It could be DNS caching issue causing unexpectedly high latency. I’d try Settings->General->Reset->Reset Network Settings.

Will do.

Hi Tom, sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the app here. We’re not aware of anything on our end at the moment that would make your app load slowly, but we’ll be happy to work with you to help figure this out.

The steps above seem like a good place to start. Let us know how you get on!

My wife use iPhone 6s. I can confirm Monzo app is too slow and it looks…I guess because phone is too old and app is not optimised. iPhone 7 is a bit faster… and no problems with iPhone 8 and X

I’m on a 6s and no problems that I’ve noticed

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I have an iPhone 6 and it is pretty rapid, hopefully you get it fixed.

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This bit sounds like guesswork to me. If others aren’t seeing the same on similar devices then I think you’re looking for another explanation.

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Yes. I guess. Sorry :slight_smile:

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To confirm for those following along, this made no difference the update is back to taking forever.