3D verification doesn't work

I’m currently unable to use Monzo for any online transactions, as every single one gives me this same issue - first, even if I approve it on the app (multiple times in some instances) it never goes through and secondly, there’s no option to send an SMS. I’ve tried restarting my phone & clearing the cache, but still the ‘approval’ never seems to go through to the 3d check. Is there anything else I can do?

Are you on Android?

Monzo are aware of an issue for Android users and are working on a fix

I am, hadn’t spotted that one! I’ll see if I can log in on another device. Thanks!


Check the Play store for an app update, apparently Monzo have pushed a hotfix for this issue.


No updates listed since 22nd… could be a phased rollout.

(:android:) I downloaded and installed 3.92.1 (beta) from the Play Store on Tuesday evening and it has fixed the verification/approval issue I experienced earlier on Tuesday (while on 3.92.0 beta)

If you want to grab the apk install file from APK Mirror, it’s here:

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I’m on 3.92.1 and that’s the version I had the issue with - it’s a week old.