Barclaycard In App Payment

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Has anyone experienced an issue making payments to Barclaycard via their app?

I am using my Monzo card and once I enter the payment amount etc it prompts me to go to the Monzo app to approve the payment which I do, however, once when I then go back into the Barclaycard app I have to use Face ID to log in but it then just takes me back to my statement and doesn’t complete the payment?

I’m pretty sure this never happened before so I am not sure if it’s a Monzo or Barclaycard issue?

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Barclaycard issue I believe. Their app cancels it when you move away from it. Try SMS verification, I thought it defaulted to it to be honest. You essentially have to rely on the SMS notification showing you the code thus not exiting the Barclaycard app.


This has been standard for the Barclaycard app since 3D Secure was introduced by Monzo. The only work around is to use SMS confirmation rather than the in-app version I think.

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Yeap barclaycard force you to use SMS to confirm it. Barclaycard also decided to cancel my DD and then blame Monzo for it, so there seems to be a few issues with Barclaycard and Monzo

Worked a treat, thank you :clap::clap:

I should clarify that this particular issue isn’t exclusive to Monzo. If you leave the Barclaycard app for any reason during a payment, it cancels the whole thing even though the 3D Secure specification says not to. :disappointed:

We should be directing all Barclaycard payments through the SMS flow by default but it sounds like that’s stopped working here, possibly because of a change in the merchant ID. I’ll take a look. :eyes:


Hey @Rika is there any way to have “send via SMS” the default for ALL 3DS requests on your account?

With the autofill on iOS12 (not sure about Android), it’s 10 times quicker than the in app authentication.

But I assume it’s more expensive for Monzo to do the SMS?

It probably is (I think they’ll be looking around 1p per SMS). However, I see no reason why they can’t send the authentication code as a notification in app instead of SMS (so the code appears in the phone’s ‘pull-down’ notification panel just like an SMS code appears - so no need to switch apps).

I believe @Rika has already explored that option (I asked when it first came out).

I think it’s something they are working on for future versions, although if I can find the quote I’ll link it.

@Rika, this happened for me as well. I’ve seen debit card payments initiated through their app display the merchant ID as both of the following:


There doesn’t seem to be any logic as to which merchant is used.

No. If anything, we will be moving further away from using SMS authentication. We were required to offer it as a fallback at launch and for merchants who cancel payments when leaving the app, etc.

I think you’ll like what’s being slowly rolled out now though. :wink:

Correct but it’s not too extreme at scale so we don’t consider it a factor.

This is the root of the problem, we think we’ve listed them all and then another one comes into the rotation. :grimacing:

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Mmmmmmm pull down to approve!? :woozy_face::grimacing::grin:

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