Online payment approval

I’m having issues with the online approval Page, I’m using klarna I’ve never had any issues before but it says transferring you to approval page it flashes up open monzo but nothing happens so I’m unable to approve my payments. This is also happened using voi, anyone else having this issue is there anything I can do to fix it?

If you’ve opened the Monzo app and there isn’t a notification in your feed then Monzo aren’t receiving it.

I’d therefore be inclined to contact the company you’re trying to buy from because their website is glitching.

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I have done this already, I just feel it might be monzo because it takes me to the app but doesn’t show the approval page. And for it to happen with two different companies just seems odd

What browser are you using? Anything blocking pop ups or anything like that?

Nope because it’s works with other sites and apps so just these two it’s not working

Do they give you an approve with sms option?

It’s in small letters underneath the code box

No it’s getting that far it’s just takes me to the monzo app opens and does nothing else

It’s before that, when the 3ds screen pops up, before you tap approve in app

That not popping up either

If the 3ds screen isn’t popping up then it’s entirely a problem of the website you’re using because Monzo aren’t involved at that point.

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I’m the Tech owner for Strong Customer Authentication and 3DS at Monzo and I can tell you this is very likely the case.

If the 3DS page is not popping up on the browser it usually indicates an issue with the merchant site and you might need to contact them.

Also, SMS is not an option for the new version of 3DS, due to various regulatory reasons


When will the SMS option be going? I tend to still use it out of habit

I have to use the SMS option on occasion as it’s impossible to pay the retailer using the tap on the prompt from Monzo. It’s free and far between but still gets use.

It must go by March next year. But we’ve already started rolling it out for about half of payments (ie. the half that runs on 3DSv1 as opposed to the newer 3DSv2)

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What do you mean?

Attempt to pay on website, 3d secure turns up, choose option to authorise using the prompt in app. Website goes funky and transaction doesn’t go through.

Repeat the process and ask for a text, payment goes through.

Payments for Argos Card were doing this but I think someone else said recently that’s started working again. I’ve a zero balance so can’t check it out at present

National Lottery has recently started playing up

Just made a payment on the Argos card app and still working fine (despite the horrible app redesign)

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Just checked mine, apps still same, I mustn’t have any updated version yet.

I think actually the last payment I made a couple months ago did work, come to think of it. Slept since then.

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