Verification Failure

(James) #1

Just wondering if there’s anything inherent in that makes it more likely to fail the verification from banks and if there’s anything to do to fix it - is it purely because it’s relatively new and so untrusted by them in some way?

I tried to get my friend to pay me back for something using it and the payment didn’t go through, I assume because of a verification failure…

I then tried with my own Nationwide debit card and the 3D secure verification failed for me too, even though I’ve been able to top up my Monzo using it. I see from this thread

that Nationwide implements a smart version of 3D secure which doesn’t require actually entering any codes or details, but obviously in this case it hasn’t been so smart.

Is the only real course of action here to contact the banks themselves (my friend’s bank is RBS so I don’t know if there’s similar issues with them as to Nationwide?) to approve the payment as it were? Ideally I don’t want to have to tell my friends to contact their banks just to pay me in this way, obviously if they were all on Monzo anyway it would be problem solved, but unfortunately this is not yet the case!

It was disappointing that after trying to convince them how easy and simple it would be to pay me this way that it didn’t work, but I realise that this is probably more to do with the legacy banks than Monzo itself. Just thought I’d see if anyone has any insight/advice?