Something's gone wrong but we're not sure what

Hi all,
Anyone else got this problem?,
Been happening past 1-2 days for me.
I cannot do anything without this error popping up.
Also cannot see spending or balance updates since Sunday.

App is up to date and I can still spend contactless for now just can’t approve anything online or spend over the limit before it needs app approval

Any idea how to fix or who else is getting this?
Raised a support email with monzo will call tomorrow if no response

Details to reproduce:
App Version:



Delete the app
Restart your phone
reinstall the app

Try again


Please , my 3D verification before before transactions aren’t/ doesn’t seem to be working and there is no room for numerical verification
This have impacted my daily activity
Any help will be highly appreciative as this is the account I use on day to day basis

You need to contact Monzo in app :slight_smile: We’re just customers on here so are limited with what we can help with.

How please , trying to chat them up but can’t find the means

Under support, search contact us.