Mastercard verification

Im not getting an sms code to approve an online purchase despite a few attempts .can anyone help

Are you getting a Monzo notification on your phone (not a SMS)?
If not, in the Monzo app, go into the feed for the Monzo card you are trying to use to pay - is there a feed item called ‘Authorise payment’ (or similar)? - if there is, tap on that.

Hi @Lilahmason, Welcome to the community :wave:
If you’re not recieving SMS messages after requesting them, and you can’t approve the purchases through the Monzo app (for whatever reason), personally I’d suggest using the “I need help” button on the 3D Secure box

No i normally get a tap to approve message but none have appeared.its only asda !

Is your phone currently connected to the internet/mobile network (it’s not in airplane mode by accident)?

Ive tried need help button but it just sends me to asda faq.i need to contact my card issuer but monzo not got back to me

No im on currently in spain but that doesnt usually make a difference

If you’re getting SMS messages from other sources while in Spain, I’d go with @HiThomasMorelli’s suggestion of using an alternative method provided by the 3DS system (‘Help’!)

Thanks everyone .i used my husbands card in the end hopefully ill have more luck next time

Out of interest, have you had problems with Monzo 3D secure with Asda - or, for that matter anywhere else - before?

Never had problems before :confused:

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