35 day rolling time for free cash withdrawals

Hi, I’ve had a look at the info page regarding the atm fees and card reissue fees.

My question is, if I pay £500 in to my account today (I already have dd setup) would that then qualify me for free cash withdrawals or does it kick in 35 days after my £500 transfer?

Is there anywhere on the app to track it?


Swipe down on the home page to the account switcher.

Click on “See fee-free allowances”

Then it should be there.

The free allowance will remain for 35 days from the £500 transaction & any other requirements are met.

Is this documented somewhere, or you just know from experience?

Based on the details in part 1. Saying it’ll remain so long as I pay in £500 and 1 DD every 35 days

Ah, the way it was worded in your reply I took it you knew that higher limit would be available immediately upon depositing £500.

I’m not sure about this. Not based on any knowledge, just on assumption that reclassification as a bank-type user might not happen immediately. Probably worth @archiehaggie checking with Monzo or checking the fees page after he deposits £500.

Yeah I’ve checked but doesn’t seem to have changed yet. Maybe it’s an overnight thing. I’ll keep an eye on it anyway thanks.

I’d imagine it’s the next day that it kicks in.

That’s what I’d think. But I’m sure that I read somewhere that they check every 30 days.

This? Though there’s no mention of those who don’t meet the conditions.

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Think that’s what I’m looking for cheers!

Hello Mark!

When you qualify it can take up to 48 hours for your allowances to change, it is then reassessed every 35 days as stated above!

Keep an eye out in the app to see when it has updated :blush: