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Today I got a popup saying “your fees will change on 8 Jun” and if I want to keep my bigger allowances I need to add money every 35 days and set up a direct debit, which kind of implies that Monzo think I’ve not done that.

And yet I’ve had a regular standing order of £500 into Monzo from another bank on the 3rd of every month and two direct debits that have both been on the account for over a year.

Has something suddenly changed? Is this not considered acceptable, is it just a bug or something else?

Hey @ralf

I would double check the status of your Direct debits and make sure they are active and havent been cancelled without notification by the merchant.

IF they haven’t and you do meet the criteria just reach out to our CS team

Well, the direct debits went out as normal on 15th and 16th of May, and the last payment into the account was £500 on 3rd May. I guess I’ll try to contact them after lunch.

Daft question, they are direct debits, not card payments or standing orders?

As far as I’m concerned they’re direct debits as that’s what I agreed to. It’s very hard to tell within the Monzo app though, as it’s saying e.g. the ISP is “£60 expected tomorrow” when the monthly fee is £28 and the setup fee 18 months ago was £60. The other regular direct debit doesn’t even show up at all, despite money being taken as expected every month. For both of these, I filled in a direct debit agreement, so no idea what Monzo is playing at on this screen. I think it’s just broken/.

If memory serves, we give you notification 7 days before the 35 days is up. If the £500 last went in on the 3rd May, then you’d have until the 8th June to deposit again. I’m guessing here, but it could be because of the bank holidays that your 3rd June deposit is going to be delayed so it may be worth popping it through manually. It’s also likely you’ve not had this notification before because of the timings of the bank holidays and a longer month (May being 31 days).

As @_Tom mentioned though, if you message in chat then we can confirm this all on our end :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t that trigger every month except February in that case? I’ve certainly never seen this before.

I’m probably wrong with the timescale, I’m currently out on caregiver leave and haven’t worked the frontline in nearly a year so I may be incorrect!

Best place to get a definitive answer though is via the chat :relaxed:


According to the guy these are being done as recurring card transactions as @Carlo1460 suggested. I guess that means I have no choice but to wait for my account to be downgraded. :neutral_face:

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Might be worth seeing if you can change these to maintain the higher allowances.

Do you use them at present?

I don’t really use cash in the UK, and obviously not been abroad recently, so no I’ve not used the ATM withdrawal limit at all for the last 2 years. Before that though, I used to use it when I was on holiday, maybe once or twice a year.

If these allowances lapse, will they restart up again in the future when a new direct debit is set up? I’m thinking about changing internet provider in the next few months anyway, so that will be a lot less hassle than trying to convince my existing one to change to DD.

That’s right, it automatically knows once you’ve hit said requirements.

If you’re not cash heavy there’s little concern, just hold on to your debit card as there’s costs for replacements.

You can spend to your hearts content and most instances it’s better to pay by card abroad as you get the MasterCard rate, and that remains free.

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