35 day period for allowances

Hi! How is the 35 day period where you must pay in £500 & have an active direct debit to keep your allowances calculated?
Is it a rolling 35 days? If, for example, I’ve paid in £500+ since Nov 2 (today is Dec 7), does that mean I keep my allowances until the rolling total falls to >£500? Thanks.

All the details are in the below topic:

Exceptions can be made in some circumstances, so you’re asked to message in app to work with them on it if you believe you should be entitled to the lower fees.

For example… Someone didn’t have a job and lived off their savings - so technically didn’t receive £500+ into their account. They spoke to Monzo, proved this and an exception was made.

However, if you’re trying to game the system by putting in the bare minimum they’re likely to be less lenient.

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I had already seen that article, but it doesn’t seem to answer my specific question.
I’m not trying to game the system. The criteria are more than fair.
I’m asking because the app tells me my allowances will change soon, even though I have received more than the minimum in the last month.
Also, my work is freelance, so in-payments are irregular, and I’d like to know exactly how the 35 day period is calculated.
I hardly ever use a cash machine and haven’t needed a card replaced (so far), but would prefer to keep the allowances in case I do need them.
I’ll probably just set up a standing order from a savings account.

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This might help

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