ATM Withdrawals - Fee-free abroad over 30 days.. reset date?

I’ve used my card abroad for the first time recently at an ATM in Kiev and can see how much is remaining on my fee-free allowance. When does the £200 allowance reset? Is it 30 days after you first use it then 30 days after you first use it after it resets each time thereafter?
Thx in advance…

Pretty sure it’s after your first use. Not by month.

It’s rolling so say you take out £100 on 10th then a further £100.on 20th you would only be allowed to take out £100 on 10th of next month

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Withdrawing £200 limit abroad: Do Monzo show you how much fee-free cash you have left to withdraw?

Example: Withdraw €120 then forget how much fee-free cash is left, is there a way to check in the app?


Type ‘What are my limits’ into the help section, and follow the trail. You’ll find your up to date limit there.

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