YouTube Premium payment declined, not showing on Monzo feed

My YT Premium is paid from my Bills pot on a VC.
This month I got an email the payment was declined. YouTube billing page shows the payment was declined, but my Monzo feed doesn’t show anything, no payment attempt, no red “declined” transaction, absolutely nothing.
Other monthly VC bills are being paid as normal and there is more than enough money in the pot.

Is this YouTube being buggy? Should I even attempt to contact Monzo about this, seeing as there is no sight of any payment attempt on Monzo’s end?

I don’t use it that way (because sheets export breaks) but I didn’t think VC from a pot appeared in the feed at all?

Is there anything in the pot feed?

Since the card is linked to a pot, look in the feed of the pot itself rather than your main account feed.
If you don’t see it there either, then it’s likely that Monzo didn’t get a payment request and the fault is on Google/YouTube’s side.

I should have clarified that I meant the transaction does not appear in the pot transactions list (I used “feed” a bit liberally).

Other VC transactions appear in the pot transaction list as always.

So I am guessing the transaction was never really attempted by YT, or otherwise never reached Monzo.

If it’s not showing in the pot feed, or your main account feed, then it’s moe likely that YT didn’t request it.

I guess the only way to find out would be to ask Google/YT for the transaction ID, and then ask monzo if they can see it? But that sounds like a lot of hassle imo.