Payments/Payees wobble?

For the first time ever, I’ve just had 2 payments (Bills pots payments) declined. Plenty of funds in the account and multiple other payments made from the same Bills pot OK. The funds were taken from the Bills pot OK, but the actual transaction seems to have failed.

Both were to Barclaycard accounts (credit card payments) - one to my BC account and one to MrsW’s BC account.

Investigating the transactions showed that the Name for the MrsW payment was wrong and the reference number for my payment was wrong. Went to check the ‘Payees’ details and ‘Payees’ is no longer where it was. It’s now hidden away as ‘See payees’ underneath the Pay/Request/Move section. And there were data errors there - like swapped reference numbers and wrong names.

It may just be me, and I’ve rectified the error moving forward by deleting the scheduled payments and entering new ones just in case - but it’s worth checking for any declines.

The change to ‘Payees’ has me a tad suspicious.


Sorry to hear this. Makes me wonder how many have been impacted. :disappointed:

There has been a change in the payments tab based on someone sharing the iPhone update note, adding shared bills to the same tab which may have thrown things out of place.

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Customer service deluge in 3…2…

@davidwalton Were the declines obvious? Notification? Red text in feed? Or did you just happen to notice as you’re conscientious in checking? The latter would not be great.


Just looking through all my upcoming direct debits for tomorrow and for the rest of the month - at the bottom of the screen where the payee details are the payment bank all seems to have changed to my Monzo sort code and account number, previously this was the receiving bank info as it should be.

Non of my Direct Debits come out of pots they just get paid direct from current account.

It’s always shown your own bank details in the scheduled payments list but this changes to the recipient’s bank details in the main feed when the payment has been collected.

Phew thanks for that :slight_smile:

I didn’t have any notifications informing of the declines. Opened Monzo to check that today’s payments had all gone out this morning and saw the 2 red-text feed entries.

(Android btw)

All of mine left my Android app account okay this morning, however, like another poster, mine are paid direct from feed and not via a bills pot.

I wonder if that is where the issue is generated then.

Interesting @Carlo1460 identified a possible glitch on iPhone app, tho your’s was android :thinking:


I’ve had all my direct debits paid out today successfully from a bills pot on our joint account.
Doesn’t seem to be any issues or changes in the feed items that I can see.
I’m on Android.

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Same happened to me and my partner. It seems when the bills pot would automatically pay a bill it usually withdraws the exact amount from the bills pot then bill is paid.

But I noticed the error is happening when it attempts to pay the bill, then the exact amount is withdrawn from the bills pot automatically, so therefore insufficient funds as it’s doing the process in the wrong order.

I think that’s a different issue. In my case, the Bills pot paid into the main account just before the payment was attempted - as usual. It was the subsequent payment that didn’t go through. Here’s the feed showing the Bills pot occurred first:

When I looked at the transactions, data was mixed up (wrong name, wrong reference) and these payments have worked automatically for months, if not years without issue.

I still suspect a change to the Payees is behind it, in my case anyway.

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Issue: bills pot declining payments

Details to reproduce: Bills set to come out of Bills pot are declined “not enough money” when there is enough inside the bills pot. But the “left to pay” was in red text meaning the money in the pot wouldn’t pay all of the bills designated, but there was more than enough for the two bills it declined. Also all of my money is in pots and I only leave a couple pounds outside of pots.
OS: apple
Device: iPhone 12
**App Version:**4.45.0


Hello & Welcome :wave:

If I read this right, you had two payments due out, from a bills pot with sufficient money in but it declined them anyway?

Obvious statement but were there other payments due out from that pot too where there wasn’t money for them?

Having all money in Pot’s shouldn’t be a factor here, so long as the payment is set to come out of a bills pot and there’s sufficient funds, so not too sure what happened here without some further detail. if you do provide screenshots make sure to redact any personal info of course.

Also, we’re just customers here so you may be best speaking to support or

Have a look here


@alandoe can we get these merged + also, maybe get someone from Monzo to take a look at the issue & update?


Yes both were set to come out of the bills pot, one was yesterday and one early hours of this morning. Both declined. The one yesterday I pulled the amount out of another pot and left it outside of a pot and it finally paid on 2nd try.

There was sufficient money in the bills pot to fund both.

Do you have multiple DVLA direct debits by any chance?

No just the one. And the declined bills payment from yesterday was GoCardless so different and has come out fine in previous months.

Strangely enough, my partner who also has Monzo had a bills pot payment decline this morning too from another different payee.

My partners Monzo is showing the bill declined before the exact amount was automatically withdrawn from the bills pot. He didn’t withdraw that amount manually afterwards.

Same on mine. My other bills that have come out of the bills pot successfully have had the amount automatically withdraw from the pot first, THEN the bill is paid.