PayPal Pay-In-3 Issues with Monzo

How the hell do you get to speak to someone @Monzo! Especially when overseas.

Rant over !

I purchased a few items from ASOS using PayPal Pay-In-Three, I made the first payment using my Monzo Card and now I get a message from PayPal saying transaction failed pay or receive a 12 pound late payment fee. Payment has been sent from my Monzo Account looking at the statement.

Anyone assist ?


Open the monzo app, go to the help section, type ‘contact support’ and there you go

But you should probably contact PayPal if you can see the payment has been made. Sounds like the problem is on their end

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Open the transaction, scroll to the bottom and tap “something wrong.”

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I notice in the MONZO help there’s a paragraph that says MONZO holds the money for a declined payment hence why I want to speak to someone.

Communication is easy tech seems to make it more complicated.

If the money has left your account it’s not declined. It’s PayPal you’ll need to speak to.

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That sounds odd. Have you got a link to the article please?

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True but I’m no longer patient to play tennis one says declined and the other paid — I shouldn’t be the umpire in this game just need it sorted.

Please search in 8000km away trying to return back to the UK for Xmas.

I presume it’s this, but it doesn’t look relevant unless the payment is still marked as pending

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I did and couldn’t find it which is why I asked

Money from declined payments don’t go anywhere because they’re declined. No bank that I’m aware of would hold the funds - why would they?

Thanks @Rat_au_van :slight_smile:

So Monzo aren’t holding his money then, so as mentioned earlier they need to speak to PayPal.

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Dunno, I’m guessing the OP has checked if it’s in pending status or not. Also not sure if it’s a card payment or direct debit

Presuming it’s a cleared card then yes, it’s a PayPal thing. Although Monzo could give the OP the transaction number to help PayPal find the payment

I’ve had a look on the PayPal site for the FAQs, and it says several times that if payments don’t work for any reason, you should contact PayPal through their contact link.

The FAQ also says that payments are by debit card rather than direct debit, which would seem to rule out a direct debit mandate not being set up properly.

It’s unclear to me if any money has actually left OPs account yet. If so, they really should be asking PayPal why they can’t trace it, as well as getting more information from Monzo to help PayPal trace it.

Click on the payment and scroll to the bottom, under where it says about getting help/something wrong, in grey writing will be another reference. Does it say pending?

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