Your trip to

Any chance we get get a slight change to the ‘your trip to…’ notification

Love that you get a notification on how much you spent but any chance we can see a list of transactions.

Also I think we should be able to add/delete transactions manually from our feed for transactions booked online weeks prior to leaving, ie pre booked tours. I ran Chicago Marathon last year, i paid 8 months prior to travelling so the payment to run was not included in my summary. These payments should be part of my trip as they are part of it

The reason for delete is when I travel, I can book a tour in the next destination but as it shows euros it thinks it’s part of same trip, same destination

Maybe we should have a trip section, so we can add travel details to Monzo, location, hotel names, dates travel from/to, travel info (flights), monzo could send us notifications of flight delays etc20181224_181719