Travel report - incomplete

(Justin) #1

Hi, I just returned from travelling to Switzerland :switzerland: and received a travel report after landing in the U.K. The report lists some of the transactions I carried out abroad, but a couple are missing.

The report states that I spent £263.07 over 5 transactions, but I actually spent £390.93 over 7 transactions. I’ve dug a little deeper, and the two that are missing are online transactions at a Swiss online retailer - which I guess makes sense, but it feels like there ought to be a way to make such transactions appear part of the trip - so if I buy theatre tickets online while I’m in New-York, or a ski pass while in Switzerland, they’d be listed as part of the trip.

What are your thoughts? It could be a bit tricky. Perhaps the solution is when such transactions are carried out while the customer’s abroad, to prompt them to confirm whether they should be listed as part of the trip?


Is it just that they were online or was one complication that some companies (particularly larger multinationals) may be based abroad, e.g. a purchase in UK may come from a company who’s accounts in Éire or Netherlands, and a purchase in one Benelux or DACH country may be invoiced from another?

(Justin) #3

@anon44204028, they were online transactions at a local company. They were actually for a lift pass at a ski resort. On two days, I bought them online using my Monzo card, and on the other two, I bought them at a kiosk. The latter were included in the report. The online ones were not.

It’s a use case I hadn’t previously considered, and I find this quite interesting to think about. However, to illustrate, I think if someone from abroad were visiting London and during that trip bought their Oyster card online, they’d expect that online purchase to be included in their report for that trip.


Thanks for your reply. Yes, I agree they should be on the report. It will be interesting to see any feedback from Monzo techies

(Ned) #5

Hmm… maybe the travel report itself could contain a link to “add additional transactions”? Or perhaps a “Something wrong?” link as found within individual transactions?

(Alex Sherwood) #6

I expect users will need to be able to add transactions to the event reports, once they’re developed -

so hopefully the same functionality could be added to travel reports at the same time (if not before)…