Trip Summary - Delayed Transactions

(Bruce) #1

I love the trip summary funcationality, however it seems that the summary occurs when you return to your home country/move to another. My issue here is that some transactions are delayed, and though these come through as transactions from the trip country they are not included in the summary as Monzo deems the trip ended.

My example is a strange one where a hotel decided to refund me on my return and then recharge me at a slightly higher cost. Which in essence removed the charge from my trip.


(Ben Green) #2

This is a well known issue. You can read a good explanation here -

If you start a support chat conversion with them about the higher recharge, which I assume is due to the difference in exhange rates from the initial transaction to the new one, they’re usually able to refund the difference as a goodwill gesture.

(Alex Sherwood) #3

Ideally the delayed transactions would be included in the trip summary though, once Monzo’s aware of them.

(Ben Green) #4

Ideally yes, but they weren’t in my case either. Nor were they categorised as holidays as I instructed all transactions to be while over there.

I think the app just needs to be a little smarter around recognising refunds and recharges as a result of delayed transactions. They’re aware of the problem so hopefully will have a fix for it soon :slight_smile: