Better Travel Management - dedicated tab?

So after being away you get a “Travel Summary” however it just shows me how many transactions I’ve made and how much I’ve spent… It doesn’t break it down and I can’t press to get more information.

See image

But this does include all my spending for the trip… Maybe Monzo could be clever and also suggest that I include recent hotel payments say to or similar and any air travel payments so that I can get an overall spend for the entire trip.

It would also be nice to have a place in the UI for trips so that you can see on the map all the countries you’ve visited in a period of time…say 12 months.

I don’t know if it is possible but maybe show a selection of photos taken from that location at those times from the users photo app just to brighten the travel pages up a bit?

Also maybe it would be good to provide a calculator for live exchange rates somewhere on this new travel page? So you can easily work out how much an item will cost before making the choice to purchase or not?


Yeah I’d love this, too. Google Inbox groups anything related to your trip automatically based on emails for hotels, flights, rentals and so on. It’s more for providing a schedule and easy access to information while on your trip, it doesn’t really calculate total cost. Would be great if Monzo could compile information like this.

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Yes. I use inbox too and that is exactly what Monzo needs for spending. Inbox groups all emails together and monzo to group all spending together and on both you can go back through previous trips

I wouldn’t want a dedicated tab as I don’t use Monzo for travelling so I’m probably biased in my negative opinion. I feel it would be a waste of development time when I would want more bank features developed first so I can use Monzo better for day to day banking.


I travel but would not want a tab. This is a current account not a travel money card!


Unless you’re literally travelling to a new place every day I’m not sure a dedicated tab would make sense, not to mention as @anon44204028 said above it would mislead some people into thinking Monzo is a travel card which it is definitely not.