Just Landed: See Your Flight Details Inside Monzo!

Exciting news for the next time you buy a flight with Monzo! :airplane:


This is really cool and presumably a function of Monzo being able to see the payment metadata in the same style as they can identify betting transactions. Is there a list of these metadata types somewhere? What other cool stuff can be mined?


I’m sure there could be a lot more. Maybe a similar thing could be done for live event tickets or football matches?


This is great. Will there be any way to store this to stop it slipping way down the feed? Maybe having a link to flights or something?

In theory! The same type of mastercard message supports travel itinerary, event ticket details etc. It’s down to the merchant whether or not they send the details though, and it seems like fewer event ticket sellers include data than airlines and travel agenices, which is why we’ve done flight details first.

Mastercard incentivises merchants to provide these extra details by charging them lower fees, but it’s entirely optional.


I always thought that only applied to business cards, and that merchants weren’t even supposed to send these details on consumer cards. I assume I misunderstood?

So is this enrichment unique to MasterCard and if so could it go away with GDPR? Or is it some sort of regulatory thing that’s required?

You could just tag such transactions with #flights and then use the ‘search bar’ if you need to find it again. Seems like something hashtags were designed for…

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Ah very true I didn’t of that! Great idea. Cheers.


No, AMEX get flight details from BA too

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Is that just on the BA Amex? I have that so don’t know if it shows on others too.

That is incredible, such a great idea. Always better to have all the information in 1 place why not the purchase it’s self! :blush:


Is there anyway you can keep adapting this idea?

If that is possible, would monzo be able to add a reference number to a train purchase? Which would save us scrolling through our emails and holding up ques when collecting from the station


Maybe one day they’ll allow pinned transactions :pushpin:?



Yeah, train ticket reference number would be amazing if possible!


I just booked a Ryanair flight but I don’t see any details in my feed. I guess it may just be some airlines for now? Or do I need to wait for some time?

Each airline decides. I don’t know if Ryanair send it out.

When a transaction settles, sometimes the airline or travel agent sends additional passenger booking information to the cardholder’s bank.

Might need to wait a few days; unless Ryanair charge extra for providing the information? :wink:


I’m not sure where they show it anymore, they definitely used to! but whenever I’ve chatted with Amex, they’ve been able to cross reference it with ticket numbers etc so it must still be around somewhere

+1 for pinned transactions!

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