Welcome home (with some suggestions)

Joined Monzo a month ago and haven’t looked back. Happily the app does the looking back for me (I discovered) so when I got home I received a notification.

“What’s this” says a curious me

“Aww that’s nice…” - sadly it’s missed the fact that I had been in Sweden all week and only made a single payment in Denmark (I really wanted :cake: to take on the plane with me).

  • Suggestion: You know which country I am “at home” in - could you be a little smarter in giving me my report and include the whole time I was away rather than just the last country I was in
  • Suggestion: I commute weekly :airplane:. It would be good to see previous reports and compare (like Google Trips shows your history)
  • Suggestion: Say how much the Monzo card saved me in transaction fees on my last trip in that notification - a guess is fine but that would be a nice statistic and I’m sure you keep it around somewhere (You made 10 payments with your monzo card saving as much as £8.42 in transactions fees - yay us! :monzo: yay you! :tada:)…for instance :smiley:
  • I saw “travel reports” in a 2016 screenshot of the iPhone app - are Android users not getting this or did the feature not make it to production

Hope this helps

PS I don’t normally use funky icons but team :monzo: seem to like them :thumbsup:


Not yet -