"Your trip to" incorrect

(Thom) #1

Working British Indian Ocean Territory, it locates me correctly, however all transactions are processed through the US and thus pop up as I’m in the states. As a result I get a large number of “trips” between the US and British Indian Ocean Territory every day.

Can the US transactions from those retailers be tied and recognised to being in British Indian Ocean Territory?

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #2

would reporting the location error on the actual transaction in app at the bottom of the transaction alter the “your trip to” report ??? don’t know but maybe worth trying :slight_smile:

(Thom) #3

I’ll give it a go however I don’t think it falls into that category as the transaction is being processed in the US by a US firm.

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I think I had a location issue a while back when a company that runs my local pub had their registered office in London - 80 miles away - reported it in app and now the location is where my local pub is - lol probably people in London now find that when they are drinking in one of his pubs in London it comes up with my location :slight_smile: :slight_smile: maybe something to do with having location security switched on in app as well ???


I live near Manchester but months ago an ATM kept stating I was withdrawing money in Watford until I reported it as incorrect.