Vending Machines

The location of this transaction has changed a ton of times. I assume it’s because all of the same branded machines use the same identifiers.


Would it be better to allow things like this just to log your location when payment is made?


Good idea, not sure how it would work in practice but today I used my card in Tesco and it showed the location in the northern parts of Scotland in a little village. I was in South Wales!

Oh derp. I just realised your location depends on you having your phone with you when using the card. :exploding_head:

Maybe just show no location data for these transactions, unless there’s a clever fix for these sorts of things.

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Mine showed “Selecta Uk Grp” and location as ‘Online’!

I thought it wasn’t based on your phone but on the Mastercard data received by Monzo

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This is correct. I think the op is saying If the MasterCard location data isn’t accurate can the Monzo app tie our phones location to the transaction to make it more accurate. But unfortunately not everyone carries their phone with them.

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Yeah, basically every Selecta brand vending machine acts as the same merchant so the location data is useless as it’s one location for all locations. Correcting the location changes it for all locations.

It’s just kind of confusing and potentially concerning when you see a transaction location from a place you’ve never been.

I mean you could potentially use phone location to build up data of where the vending machines are but it’d probably be fairly inaccurate, unless it only did it when you used Google/Apple Pay. Then again I’m not really sure how Monzo use your location and if that would even be possible.

It’s probably not worth the effort, so might be easier just to remove the map for these sorts merchants.


ha ha. I had that with a legacy bank where an ATM I used in a Colchester petrol station came up as a transaction at a petrol station in Ipswich. I panicked and had my card cancelled and replaced, and only afterwards worked out the reason. Instead of the transactions going thru live they had gone in a batch from some central location so just showed some random outlet in the region. I thought it was a petrol purchase somewhere I had not been when all the time it was a cash withdrawal I had made (and I make so few).

I’ve just checked a vending machine transaction in my history. It shows exactly the same location as the op, but I was definitely in Leeds.

I’m not sure what to suggest, other than Monzo giving a ‘location unavailable’ message and a short explanation rather than the map.

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I’ve experienced many times the wetherspoon app payments being mapped to people’s particular spoons. Every time I’ve reported it to support and suggested they have a way to lock certain contentious merchant mappings to prevent constant flux. Haven’t seen it happen again for a while


I would love it to show “transaction location” and “your location”. I’m sure there is a clever way using motion or what not to decide if my phone is with me or not when the transaction took place.
Or better still, if the transaction took place using android or Apple pay, does that transaction have any kind of geo data included?

I’ve had 13 £1.00 transactions for Selecta UK taken from my account and more than that for the same vednor from my wife’s account. Neither of us has been near a Selecta vending machine as far as we know - any ideas what may have happened. Contacted bank and they’ve stopped cards and refunded money but can’t explain how it has happened.

Only Monzo would be able to answer that.

Did they not give you any explanation whatsoever when you spoke to them?

I doubt they know conclusively and will probably investigate.

What is the merchant name when you tap on one of the transactions?


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