✅ [iOS] "Your trip to" ignores first transaction in the country in question


Just a small bug to report. I’ve been in France for a long weekend (Out on Friday, came back last night). Just had the “Your Trip to France” transaction summary appear in my activity feed. However, it’s wrong - as it seems to have completely ignored the first transaction I made in France on Friday (€57.85 of overpriced petrol I bought at a Carrefour in Calais).

It has successfully picked up every transaction after that and ended with the right last transaction. But it does mean all the metrics are wrong.

And no way to manually correct it. A shame as it’s a great feature.

This is on iOS BTW.


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It’s not something I’ve ever noticed. But I did notice that the notification that I’ve gone away (with the rate advice) took several hours to arrive this time. Maybe there’s some delay in Monzo finding out we’ve escaped?

I had the same back on 23/05 - ignored the first CAN tranx and then welcomed me on the second

out of interest, was this a self-pump petrol station? i.e., you authorised your card, and then got charged the full amount after you finished pumping?

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Funnily enough - yes it was. Initially hit me with a €130 pre-auth, then settled down at €57.85.

However, still can’t see why the Monzo system can’t accurately reconcile all of the foreign country transactions clustered together. The Carrefour petrol charge reconciled long before I left France.

Just out of interest, even with Monzo’s excellent exchange rate, it worked out at an eye-watering £1.379 per litre of petrol! And I though British petrol stations were getting expensive!

That’s very interesting, thanks! I’ll ask the relevant teams if we’re somehow missing these types of transactions from our trip reports.