Map diplaying completely wrong place for a transaction

I made a purchase for some new tyres for my car on friday. The map shows the purchase as being somewhere completely different.

The address given is also incorrect. I assume this must be quite a common issue, I had just never noticed it before.

My guess is that this is where the business is registered and I was buying from a franchise or something? The purchase was in Egham, but monzo is displaying it as in Battersea.

If you are using the iOS app you can report this. Otherwise you can contact customer support and they will fix it for you.

I am on Android no IOS, buts its not a big deal. I don’t mind enough to contact them, just wondered if it was a common problem.

It was very common in the early days of Monzo, the data that terminals sent back often doesn’t match with what people expect and needed constant corrections. Nowadays, for popular UK merchants, these corrections have been submitted and processed by the team. Still happens for new places though!

Ah OK. Ye Its not a big deal, would be nice if you could change the map and the address manually.


Often happens for small traders with devices like Zettle where they may have their home address come up instead of their shop.