Your FInancial Institution is Unavailable

(Ashley Hancock) #1

Got my card yesterday, attempted to change my pin and check balance on a Link ATM today, but got the message:

Your financial institution is unavailable, you have not been charged.

Then attempted to make a cash withdrawal at another Link ATM in Waitrose, but got the same message. Is this an intermitted issue I should be concerned about or just initial problems as it’s a new card?

(Jonathon) #2

Not that I would be able to help but maybe it’s useful to know what brand ATM (or bank) you tried?

(Ashley Hancock) #3

Looking on it looks as though they were both Cardtronics UK Ltd. Though the second one definitely had a ‘Cash Zone’ start screen.

(Jonathon) #4

Looks like the banks may need to be on the Allpoint network for all features - maybe that’s it?

(Ashley Hancock) #5

According to that site, they both are:

But there’s a HSBC near my house, so I might be better off trying there this evening.

(Jonathon) #6

Sorry what I meant was that Mondo may need to be in that group - the ATM’s definitely belong to that group.

(Tristan Thomas) #7

Hey! I think it’s probably because it’s a LINK ATM—can you try another?

(Ashley Hancock) #8

Yeah, I’ll try the HSBC one this evening and see if that works.

Thanks for the help.

(MikeF) #9

From another thread it appears that you need a machine supported by MasterCard. Link may come at a later date.

(Ashley Hancock) #10

Managed to change it at an RBS machine at Tesco, did get a message back from Mondo stating that their payment processing was offline yesterday too. Which isn’t terribly reassuring.

(MikeF) #11

That’s the nature of Beta testing something unfortunately. You get both the rough be the smooth mixed together.