ATM Not Supported

(Kieron Hadlington) #1

I tried to change my PIN at an ATM on a Birmingham High Street ( It rejected the card and said that it was not supported.

I understand Mondo cards only work on Chip & PIN based ATMs but this seemed like a fairly modern machine so thought I’d report it anyway.

(Caleb Wong) #2

I think my change of pin was done at a HSBC machine. So I guess at least main banks could do this. Try a “better” bank. (oh…Mondo should be the “better” bank only :joy:)

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #3

yep me too, changed my PIN at Lloyds (spit) bank

no problem

(Kieron Hadlington) #4

I did change my PIN at a Natwest in the end, it just so happened that Coventry Building Society was the nearest to me at the time.

(Jonas Templestein) #5

Thanks for reporting! Some ATMs don’t appear to play well with Mondo cards. We’re investigating what’s going on there