Your device is not connected to the internet

The issue may be more widespread than you think. As it doesn’t stop anything from working I’ve only just reported in app. I guess many people won’t report for the same reasons. Glad its being investigated :slight_smile:

I’m having this problem also on the 1.16.1 version, no other problems as my wage went in fine overnight.

I’m starting to see this too (also Android 1.16.1) but apart from that, everything does seem to still be working fine.

I may have seen it before today but would generally ignore it as my wifi and internet connection at home are pretty tragic at times. But I’m seeing it on 4G and on the work wifi now and both of those are generally pretty reliable.

Yeah in on 1.16.1 as well. If I can help with logs or anything let me know.

@francesco There are now several threads reporting this issue yet still nothing in the app and nothing on your Status Page.

Please don’t do a Starling on us and try and cover this up.

Hi :wave:

We haven’t quite declared this a full incident as it has only affected some users on a very recent version of the Android app, did not affect payments, and as far as we could tell, did not affect core app functionality.

This banner was displayed as a result of one minor request related to the app checking the state of your Overdraft failing on a single field. We believe we’ve already fixed the issue server-side and it was quickly rolling out before we in Customer Operations (Support) even managed to write a status page message. :slightly_smiling_face:


Seems to be fixed on my device now, haven’t seen the messages for a while now.

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I was still getting it when I posted 17 minutes ago and it’s 21 hours since this thread was made. Plently of time to make a status…

Android users can’t even get the Overdraft at the moment can they? So why is it even checking?

1.16.1 is the current version for everyone so there should be quite a lot of users on that version of the app. Apparently, these customers aren’t worth the effort in telling. I imagine it would be a different story if this was an iOS issue.

Overdrafts in general aren’t too widely available on either platform right now but they are supported in the Android app if you have one! :money_with_wings:

When we launch them widely, they should be available simultaneously on both platforms. The main thing blocking the launch of these at this point is the back office processes.

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Working for me now too.

I’d recommend not making comments like this if you want to be taken seriously by users in this community because Monzo have explained the Android / iOS situation numerous times here & :point_down:

Richard’s already explained why a status update isn’t necessary earlier in this thread.


Yes, it definitely would have been. As an iOS user, whenever a spending notification doesn’t arrive within 5 seconds of my transaction, I get a personally-written apology email from Tom. :joy:


I think that given the confusion and the number of separate threads and posts it’s generated here that it was completely necessary. has categories to cover this, which is why I said Partially Degraded would have been appropriate.

Thanks for sharing your opinion on this. We can leave this for the team to judge now.

What ever knobs have been turned, switches toggled and wires wiggled seems to have cured the problem for me.

I created this thread rather than going to the live chat as I didn’t feel it impacted on using the app and it looks like the live chat was struggling anyway.

Glad it looks like its being/been sorted.


Just letting you know, you’re not alone with this issue.

I had it too recently over the past week or so, but then it randomly worked again so I thought nothing of it.