Transaction feed doesn't load

This monzo app is a bloody joke

this is all im seeing when i want to see my feed

You’re on the new BETA layout. If you’re having problems switch it off for now.

i have but i cant even message them in the chat

Is nothing working in the app at all?

Have you tried deleting and re-installing the app?

yep done that while i was on phone to monzo they ask for screenshot bit hard when i cant send anything via chat

I don’t know what is causing this, but if a reinstall doesn’t fix it then I don’t have many more options for you.

If monzo want a screen shot then ask for an email address and send it that way, or point them to this topic.

i sent it all im getting is the loading circle going round on data and wifi it happens

So it works ok on wifi but not on mobile data?

no it does the same thimg on both

Okay well in that case your only option I can see is to get Monzo to turn off the new navigation and hope that that fixes the problem for you.

When was the last time you restarted your phone? That usually helps give the whole phone system a good clear out :slight_smile:

about 5 minutes ago

Are you on the google store version on the beta version? Have you installed anything else today?

monzo customer servoce told me to try the beta version but still does the same

It’s very odd as nobody else has reported this on the forum. If it was an app issue there would normally be a few reporting it

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What phone do you use and what operating system version are you on?

If you’ve reinstalled and downloaded different versions of the app and they’re not working it sounds like a device issue :thinking:

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my device is fine nothing wrong with my device

I meant more along the lines that it possibly isn’t compatible due to its out of date OS or its age.

If you provide the details I asked we can look at ruling that out too :slight_smile:

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its running on the latest software