Blank transaction details screen and connectivity issues


Android App is experiencing some issues. Transactions feed is ok but you can’t view details and App is giving error that no Internet even if you are connected. It’s not happening with everyone though but COops told me quite a few people have reported this.

(James Wheatley) #2

I’ve been having the same, thought my wifi was playing up at first but all working well.

(Johnny Ellwood) #3

Yeah something odd is going on. Just tried to pay with Android Pay and it didn’t go through, then tried to pay with card and it didn’t go through, but no notifications or anything on the app…

If it helps I’m on the beta channel on a OnePlus 3T

(Justin I'Onn) #4

There’s a discussion here, also:

I’m not using a Beta app, that I’m aware of.


I am also getting this now. Status page doesn’t say if there’s a problem with server

Monzo server problems

I get a blank screen when trying to view transaction details. No WiFi or 4G issues. Running the latest version of the app. Using Android 7.1.2.



I’m seeing the same.

(Ian Lyon) #8

Hey folks,

Really sorry about this :pensive:

We’re looking into it right now, so if you could please give us a shout through the in-app chat, we’ll be able to keep you updated :+1:

(Justin I'Onn) #9

Me too. I’ve sent a screen-grab of the “problems with our servers message” via the in-app chat.

I’m worried, as this is the first day I’m expecting my salary to be paid into the account via BACS. There’s no sign of my salary as of yet.

Can I ask a possibly stupid question?.. Is the server problem affecting the app, or the bank itself?

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #10

My salary has been paid in successfully :slight_smile:

I’m also facing this blank issue so it’s pretty safe to assume all bank operations are functioning correctly, just the app that’s gone a bit wonky :wink:

(Colin Robinson) #11

I’m pretty sure it’s just your view of things through the app - I got paid and it’s showing ok for me (iOS).