Your device is not connected to the internet

Today I have gone on to Monzo account and I keep getting either this message, Your device is not connected to the internet, when it is as everything else works fine. I have tried in on wifi and on mobile and get the same thing.

Or if I pull down the transactions to refresh I get an error message saying: Sorry there was a problem. Please try again and contact us if you still have problems.

Is this a server issue at the moment. Nothing shows up on except live chat problems. As live chat seems to be struggling I though I would post here first.

Have you tried quitting the app? Rebooting phone?

Yep tried all that and I checked to make sure that there was not an update waiting.

Same problem here on the beta android app.

I’ve been noticing these messages on the red background, but couldn’t explain where they are coming from. I’m on the Android beta too, this could explain it.

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Are you going through an AdBlocker or VPN? This was an issue for me in the long long ago but I believe it’s sorted now… Either way, it is worth asking.

Nope no adblockers or VPNs.

Clicking a transaction is not loading the details either

I’m having the same issues on android beta app :roll_eyes:

Just to update on this issue, which looks like other people are having, I just bought something on ebay and the notification came through straight away on the app.

Yet if I pull down to update I still get of the the messages I mentioned in my earlier post.

I am getting the same as well, also on the Beta app.

Same here! I am using CA on Android.

I’ve seen this twice this evening, after scheduling two payments to be made tomorrow. It’s saved the payment info, so I’m not all that bothered.

HTC One M9 running Android 7.1.

I’m not using the Beta app.

Hi everyone,

We’ve had a few reports of this kind.
The messages “Your device is not connected to the internet” or “There is a problem with the Monzo servers” are an indication of generic 500 errors, so we’ve raised this internally and we’ll be taking a look at more detailed logs from all of you who reported this via the in-app chat, and hopefully fix it soon. Bear with us :relaxed:

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Hi Francesco, If it helps i experienced this through the Apple stores wifi, also had it though cloud. When i forced the phone to connect over 4g it worked fine.

Thanks @pvgordon, that’s useful to know.
WiFi hotspots and public WiFi can often cause hiccups when it comes to loading certain parts of the app (for example: the “Verified by VISA” or the “3D Secure” screen when topping up a prepaid card).

I think we’re narrowing down the issue reported by various customers in this topic to a group of Android users on the 1.16.1 version of the app.

If you are on iOS and have seen a similar banner, it is likely related to the Apple store public WiFi as you noted.

Same issue here, I am using 1.16.1 as you say but using 4G.

How come this isn’t on the Status Page?

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Hey @Chalky,
In this instance, being on a public WiFi, private WiFi or 3G/4G doesn’t change much.
The banner pops up because the Android app runs into a series of 404 and/or 500 errors.

It’s not on the Status Page because card payments and Current Account functionalities are unaffected. This kind of display issue would normally make its way through the “Trending” help topics of the help page (which you have between the app and the in-app chat). We should probably publish a short explanation there. Or perhaps proactively contact the potentially affected customers (on Android 1.16.1).

Thanks for suggesting this, and sorry we’ve left all of you in the dark - but this is being looked into as I type :blush:


You have a specific section on the Status Page for the Monzo App…:


Could easily have done a “Degraded Performance” status with the explanation that users of Android 1.16.1 are affected.

I’m running 1.16.1 and I have none of the issues.
I think it is a little more subtle than just “broken for this version” so will merit a little bit of investigation before it’s known exactly what is causing the issues.