Your Bank is being used by fraudsters

Unfortunately, most Banks’ checks are meh. I’d actually argue that Monzo’s are actually on the strong side as you also have to record a selfie video of yourself.


Agreed. It’s also quite possible that the account was opened with a correct ID, and still used for fraud. Some fraudsters are plain stupid…


Can you remember exactly what they said? I’m seriously intrigued how they started to convince you. My gut instinct is that I won’t fall for it but ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Yes I KNOW that. This call lasted maybe 40 minutes… they were checking with the ‘fraud team’ asking me to check online to see if there were any other suspicious transactions … if I still had my card or if it had been stolen… loads of other stuff. They never asked me for a password or PIN or anything… all this was a lead up to the transfer part.

Look I’m just here to warn you because if I can get taken in by this one anyone can and they are using your Bank to do it


Ok, thanks!


It’s quite clever but obvious when I look back… things like ‘I see you haven’t logged into your internet banking today’ so I say no, well okay most ppl dont log in every day… and… she says can you do so now so I log in and she says “ah yes I see you are logged in now”

In reality of course she couldn’t see that at all she was just playing me… and bloody well. Seriously I dont know who this Scottish woman is but she is the best i have ever encountered and i have been online and run websites since 1995!

And… to not labour a point… she uses your Bank and I am sure if the powers that be wanted to they could isolate this account. Surely someone or two or 100 must have been successfully scammed and there are some complaints?

Or perhaps you were the first. Or the other users who had the same experience didn’t find out the account number either..

Will there be an automatic AML freeze on an account if it has large incoming transactions from a number of external accounts?

Somebody has to be the first, maybe it was you?

They don’t need or want bad publicity. It’s an ethical bank. If there were any complaints I hand on heart believe they would instantly freeze the account and investigate. If I didn’t believe that I would have an account with them

Thanks. Sounds like it’s all based on timing her “confirmations” right.
I don’t know how Monzo would tell that this account was used for receiving scammed money unless someone told them. I don’t think they’ll work out the account without the account number.

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We definitely have rules and procedures in place for this sort of fraud.

We need as much information as possible and we appreciate you highlighting this with us, @Triffid :slight_smile:


I understand why this might trouble you but unfortunately all banks are victim to people using accounts at there institution for fraudulent reasons and there’s nothing each bank can do until it’s identified. Either by their own anti-money-laundering systems or people bringing the account to their attention.

Although, telling them a Scottish person is using an account for fraud without the bank account number doesn’t really highlight anything…


Exactly, especially when you are experiencing 25K weekly sign-ups.

Thanks for confirmation Beth.

Triffid, all institutions with a UK banking licence are bound by legislation (h/t @anon44204028). The post is about GDPR but the links cover KYC/AML:


I’m not sure the rate they are scaling has anything todo with this, if they had 25k, 250k or 25 million accounts, it’s infeasible to pickup every person who is using an account against the T&C if they fall below the radar.

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would there / should there be any confirmation that Monzo will never contact you over the phone message to customers somewhere on Monzo website / on the app periodically ?


All I am saying is that this fraudster WILL be successful. She is that good, that professional and that thorough.
So there WILL be complaints to the Police and to your Bank. I’m honoured to be considered as the first potential victim but this was such a polished performance I hardly think so.
If you want a reputation as the gmail of banks then fine… reputations are easily earned and hard to repudiate… if not then I suggest someone investigates and tries to isolate this account even without the account number based on complaints etc

Well - what I mean is, if they had 10 customers, and someone came along and said “I was scammed by an account holder of yours who is a Scottish woman”, it would be easy to identify, whereas if you have 500K+ current customers, it gets a bit trickier.


Sorry but how can they investigate if there is no account number or name? If they are successful then the scammed person will report it to their bank and then tell Monzo. There’s nothing they can do until then


Hello @Triffid :wave:

As @simonb said:

The information you have given so far on this thread is very limited and I don’t think we would be able to isolate a single account in this instance. We are very happy to discuss this and get as much information as possible to prevent this happening to anyone else.