Help with new account

I Open a cont not from App Store. Someone call to me and i Open. I have sord code and account number, i dont have card, i cant Open aplication. How long i must waiting for card and pin. I try call there but nobady is there. Help me please

You can’t open an account without the app from the App Store.

Are you saying someone phoned you randomly and told you you had opened an account? Did you give them any information?

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Yes he Open for me

I think you might have been scammed.

Did you give them any other bank information from different accounts? I’d check them all now.

Monzo do not phone people randomly and ask them to open accounts.


I do it transfer many for this account

I’m not sure what you are saying.

However, as I stated, Monzo do not phone people to get them to open accounts.

You can only open a new account with Monzo using the app, which you download from the App Store.

Please provide more detail of what you’ve done and what you are trying to do.

Use Google Translate if you think it will help :slight_smile:

Did you provide photographic ID like your passport and do a video saying your name?

Are you in the UK?

Who did you transfer money to? What was the sort code?

Hi Harcun :wave:

We’ll never phone you and ask you to open an account, so it sounds like this might be someone acting fraudulently - please be really cautious with them.

If you’d like to talk to someone from Monzo to see if we can help with the situation, I’d recommend giving us a call on 0800 802 1281 (or +442038720620 if you’re abroad). Someone from our team will do their best to shed some light on what’s happening here.


With a definitive Monzo answer given coupled with their inability to discuss confidential customer details in a open forum, I think that further speculation from the rest of us probably isn’t helpful at this point.

The OP needs to talk to Monzo as a matter of urgency.