Lost card - is Apple Pay still usable?

I have lost my bank card while I am waiting for a new one can I still use Apple Pay on my phone?

No you can’t. Well you can if you unfreeze it in the app, and then freeze it again once you’ e paid.

Just watch out, as keeping a lost card frozen is probably safest (in case someone else tries to use it).

I’m not sure if it works with replacement cards, but this might help: https://monzo.com/blog/2018/11/05/instant-apple-pay/

Currently only works with new accounts, hopefully replacement cards :soon:

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Ah, thanks. I see some more info here, too: Add replacement card instantly to Apple / Google Pay

This is something I’m hoping to implement at some point this year. :slightly_smiling_face:


Even if you’ve ordered a new one?

I would assume (and I’ve not tried) that if you report it as stolen then the card gets cancelled and can’t be used. If it’s lost it could be frozen and used and then frozen again.

Just an assumption though.

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Yeah I meant “lost but reported” - not stolen, but not just frozen!

I ordered a new card a few months before Christmas but didn’t activate it for about a few weeks as I found my old card so I just unfroze the old one. Everything worked as normal, the only difference being it wanted me to activate the new card. I kept the new card that came in the post as an “instant spare” but eventually I decided to activate it.

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