Using Monzo on Apple Pay

I have a question about using the Monzo card both in plastic and on my iPhone’s Apple Pay wallet. If I lose the plastic card, can I still use the card in my Apple Pay wallet. Obviously, I would freeze the card for security but until I organise a replacement card, is it ok to momentarily unfreeze the card, make the purchase using Apple Pay then refreeze the card?

Logically, yes. Sensibly, no.


When you replace the card it will automatically update in Apple Pay.

As a user who banks with Monzo and Nationwide, if Nationwide allow an existing device to use contactless even when the card is blocked, I can kinda not see why Monzo can’t follow this as well.

Yes obviously if the phone is stolen and the card too then I can understand, but if it was just your wallet or you lost your card, you’re stranded and have to either pay extra to use a virtual card to make payments, or use another bank.

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I suppose it’s a policy issue, not a technical limitation.